Inspired qualitative research that goes far beyond the basics of who does what, when, how, and why

We incorporate qualitative research to add a human element to your research, help you ask critical questions, and get you out of the box and thinking about your research problem in different ways.

We believe that qualitative research works best when considered in the context of all your research or as part of a comprehensive research project. Done before a quantitative study, we use qualitative research to ensure that we are asking relevant questions and are using the voice of the customer. Done after a quantitative study, we use qualitative research to provide deep insights into the attitudes, beliefs, and motivations behind key findings.

As a recent example of how we incorporated qualitative research:

  • We conducted small group interviews to cognitively test the design of a survey instrument to accurately measure the frequency with which respondents consume a specific type of food, and the average size of the portion that they consume. Sounds simple? Guess again.

We’re experts in using the right qualitative methodology to enrich and enliven your research and help you get the most from your project. Conducting qualitative research when and where actual behavior happens provides a richer level of understanding than static methodologies. We meet your study subjects where they are, whether it’s at home, in a store, online or walking down the street. Our expertise includes:

  • In-depth one-on-one interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Online forums and asynchronous discussions
  • Observation and ethnography

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