Robust and innovative quantitative research programs that can withstand the highest levels of public and regulatory scrutiny

The heart and soul of what we do lies in the design and execution of quantitative research studies that provide reliable and valid data to guide critical business decisions. Whether you wish to represent the general population of the community you serve, reach a core segment of your customers, or reach out to potential users of a new product or service you are considering, NWRG will work with you to design and implement a research program in which you can have absolute confidence.

NWRG is a leader in using the right sample frame(s) tailored toward the study population(s). Our expertise includes working with a variety of sample types:

  • Dual-frame RDD/cell frame samples, including national, state, and small area sampling
  • Address-based samples
  • Hard-to-reach populations, including multi-frame samples
  • Complex sample designs, including weighting and variance estimation

We employ the full range of data collection techniques – face-to-face, online (fixed and mobile), telephone (landline and mobile) and mixed modes – to access often difficult to reach segments of the population.

We also employ proprietary methodologies and a range of analytic models and methods to deliver high-value insights that go beyond the basic numbers. Our expertise includes:

  • Psychographic, motivational, behavioral and demographic segmentation using a two-step process that ensures meaningful segments that you can efficiently reach
  • Conjoint and discrete choice modeling to develop optimal programs and services for both the customer and the organization.
  • MaxDiff Scaling or a Partial Ranking analysis to clearly identify priorities for services, programs, and policies.
  • Factor and regression analysis to identify and map key drivers and corresponding customer service ratings to identify areas for improvements and strengths to maintain.

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