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In order to be most effective, data should be disseminated in a timely, cost-efficient, and sustainable manner that encourages widespread use throughout your organization. We’ll help you develop a dissemination plan that uses the best technology and strategies for reaching your target audience.

City of Bellevue Case Study

The Challenge

Everyone doing research today recognizes that the increasing prevalence of cell phone-only or cell phone-primary households has significantly impacted how we do population-based studies. In addition, response rates have declined. A key challenge for this research is to continue to ensure that we obtain insights from a representative sample of Bellevue’s increasingly diverse residents.

Customer Comment

Northwest Research Group is a cutting edge research firm. Their work is timely, accurate, and helps our city communicate resident opinion to our leadership in an easy to understand and statistically sound way.

Richard Siegel
City of Bellevue Performance & Outreach Coordinator