Planning and Management

Putting Your Research in Context

Great research design starts with understanding the playing field. Your research questions don’t exist in a vacuum, and neither should the design of your research project – to be of the highest quality, your data should reflect an understanding of current issues and be comparable to other data in your field. At NWRG, we start by developing a comprehensive understanding of the existing research related to your project. We combine existing research and strategic intelligence to:

  • Clearly define the research problem and the best design approach
  • Develop well-informed hypotheses
  • Benchmark and compare the results with other existing data

Depending on your needs, this might include reviewing existing internal data or relevant information that is in the public domain, conducting in-depth interviews with internal or external stakeholders, or undertaking some exploratory research. Understanding the data that’s already out there invariably improves our understanding of the business or marketing problem, and helps us create a research design that will result in real, actionable solutions.

Our management process is 100% transparent—this means there are no surprises along the way. We have a comprehensive Research Management System (RMS) and Quality Manual (QM) that ensures that the work we do is compliant with ISO 20252:2012 Market Research Standards—which means that we meet the highest standards for the confidentiality of research, project management, training, project document, and effective quality management systems.