Our Commitment

Our Commitment to You

Northwest Research Group is committed to not only making a difference in the research that we do but also could making a difference in the way we do research and how operate as a company. To this end, our commitment to five core values drives everything we do.

  • Deliver the highest quality research that can withstand the highest levels of scrutiny: Our extensive experience, methodological rigor, and development of our own proprietary research systems mean we can deliver reliable information that organizations need to make high-risk, high-return decisions.
  • Understand the changes in the research industry: We stay ahead of the curve to bring you research that’s consistent with the most recent developments in the industry, and we’re always monitoring the direction that industry and academic leaders are taking to define best practices and industry standards.
  • Develop client partnerships and providing a high level of customer service: As our client, you are our number one priority, and we will work closely with you to deliver programs and services that exceed your needs and expectations.
  • Create a work environment in which our employees and partners are highly valued: We think that good work starts with happy team members, and we value the work they put into each and every project we work on.
  • Give back to the greater community. For every completed survey, NWRG donates $1.00 to a reputable national charity. This donation comes straight off the company’s bottom line (this cost isn’t passed on to clients). In recognition of our one-year anniversary, NWRG will be donating $6,000 to Legal Momentum, a charity that provides legal aid to vulnerable women. NWRG is a woman-owned business enterprise and we hope that this support allows other women to become successful.