Our Story

This is Our Story

Founded in 1985 by Rebecca Elmore-Yalch, NWRG started as a Seattle-based research consultancy working with a variety of local start-up companies. We grew rapidly as the word got around about our skills in research design, complex samples, advanced analytics, and high-quality data collection, and by 2007 we were ranked alongside the top privately owned research firms in the Northwest.

In 2007, NWRG was acquired by ORC International and Rebecca was appointed Managing Director of ORC International’s Public and Civic Services Practice Group based in Seattle. Then, in May 2013, ORC International decided to no longer do work in the public and civic services sectors and to close its Seattle office. Rebecca immediately re-launched NWRG as an LLC to continue to provide support to our loyal clients and to grow our work with public sector agencies nationwide, as well as not-for-profits and private sector companies in the Northwest.