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Meet Our Team Experts

The Northwest Research Group team is composed of public and civic services experts, each with exceptional backgrounds in research design and methodology, advanced analytics, and the management of comprehensive and often complex research programs.

For each project, we pull together a customized team that’s built for your specific needs. We start with our core group of research professionals, and draw on strategic partnerships with a number of talented firms and professionals in the areas of data collection, analytics, public policy, marketing, and planning. Each team member complements and supports the work in distinctive, innovative ways while keeping NWRG’s overhead low, allowing us to pass these savings on to our clients.

Other research consultancies often work with subcontractors, but no one does it quite like we do. Every research partner on the NWRG team goes through a rigorous vetting process, to ensure that we’re providing you with the highest quality work every step of the way. We’re selective, and we like it that way.

Rebecca Elmore-Yalch Principal and Managing Director

As the Principal / Managing Director of NWRG, Rebecca is actively engaged with the development and implementation of all research programs, with a simple and essential focus on crafting better research. From the very beginning, she works closely with clients to develop a research design that’s tailored to their needs and uses the most appropriate methods, and then pulls together the best team for the project. Before the project is complete, she reviews all work and gives it the litmus test for quality. Our clients love that they can trust Rebecca to ask tough questions and contribute her sharp strategic and analytical insights about what the data means, and what actions to take next.

Rebecca brings more than 30 years of experience solving complex problems in challenging marketing research projects. She is a recognized leader in public policy and social research related to transportation, the environment and energy, government performance, and Postal Service operations. Rebecca holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Mass Communications from the University of Minnesota and an MBA with a focus on marketing and statistics from the University of Washington.

Work Passionately

Rebecca’s favorite moments are when we see key research findings open eyes and generate action that makes a real difference.

Thinks Creatively

Rebecca’s newest innovation is the development of a Goodwill Index that transportation agencies can use to improve their relations with the community and their riders.

Lives / Works harmoniously

Rebecca is a native Seattleite who has watched this magical city transform into an international hub for culture, research, and technology. She lives in downtown Seattle and along with Bentley, her Goldendoodle, she easily gets in her 10,000 daily steps!


Nathan handles the primary day-to-day management and operations of the majority of the projects we do at NWRG. He works closely with our clients to understand their objectives and expectations, and manages each project to ensure those objectives are met and the project runs smoothly.

Nathan began his market research career over 10 years ago as a telephone interviewer for NWRG's Boise, ID call center. He quickly rose through the ranks as becoming the lead for NWRG's CityMarks™ community survey program and transportation clients.

In 2011, he decided to expand his experience and explore other opportunities; serving as a consultant for the University Of Washington and Microsoft. When Nathan heard that Rebecca was re-launching NWRG, he immediately decided that he wanted to go back to his roots and focus on the research he enjoys most, helping government agencies improve services for their citizens.

Nathan holds a B.A. in Philosophy from Boise State University and htas continued his education by completing MRA Certificate Program in the Principles of Marketing Research, University of Georgia, Statistical Methods Course from Bellevue College, and a Project Management Course from Boise State University.

Work Passionately

Nate’s favorite moments are finding those key pieces of data that connect-the-dots to put the story together for his clients.

Thinks Creatively

Nathan enjoys figuring out creative was to best accomplish accurate sampling of hard to reach populations.

Lives / Works harmoniously

Nathan is very active in the Seattle area community. He loves to speak, and is a member is several Toastmasters clubs in the area working to perfect his skill. But his largest passion is for the mountains, and he participates in anything that can get him outdoors from skiing to backpacking to climbing. To give back to the community he loves, Nathan serves as a volunteer leader and instructor for the Seattle Mountaineers and also volunteers for King County Explorer Search and Rescue.


Nicole serves as a “jack-of-all-trades” ensuring that no job is too big – or too small – for NWRG. While newer to the professional world of marketing research, she has a solid background in math, statistics, hard and social sciences with a focus on environmental and energy issues.

Nicole started at Northwest Research Group in 2014 doing data entry and quickly proved herself to be a valuable asset to the team. Her high attention to detail makes her a perfect fit as she performs quality reviews on all project documents and data. She also works on questionnaire design, sample management, and back end data processing. She has a passion for data visualization and making sure key results are clearly and concisely defined to the client.

Nicole holds a B.S. in Environmental Science from Iowa State University. She is currently completing the requirements for MRA Certification through the University of Georgia.

Work Passionately

Nicole comes to work every day excited to be involved with projects that make an impact on the community.

Thinks Creatively

Nicole’s analytical background means she often tackles problems using a different approach than a traditionally-trained marketer might.

Lives / Works harmoniously

Nicole enjoys spending her time outside of work travelling with her husband, cooking, rooting for the Seattle Mariners and Seahawks, and hiking and backpacking around the Pacific Northwest.

Bentley Guest Greeter and Chief of Stress Relief

Bentley has been in the research family for four years, but his career really got a boost when NWRG re-launched in 2013 and became a dog-friendly work environment. Bentley’s specialties are abundant tail wagging when important guests come visit our office, making sure we take routine breaks for fresh air and enlightenment during the day, and just generally looking cute.

Work Passionately

Bentley’s best work is done when he gets a treat or a belly rub.

Thinks Creatively

Bentley new endeavor is agility training (think Westminster Dog Show) but his best trick is to sit still and look like he will do just about anything if you just give him a cookie.

Lives / Works harmoniously

Bentley balances two work environments at NWRG and providing volunteer therapy dog services with an always-ready attitude towards just about anything—but especially a walk or a good game of catch.

Our Partners

Bernett Research

Bernett Research is one of our chief data collection partners. They’ve been a leader in data collection services for marketing research for more than 30 years, and have vast expertise with focus groups, telephone, online and mobile surveys and data processing. Bernett has collected data for some of the largest quantitative studies ever conducted in North America, and their capabilities and extensive network are extremely valuable to NWRG when we take on large-scale projects.

Bernett is NWRG’s data collection partner for most of our government performance research as well as an annual survey we conduct for King County Metro.

A. Ritchey Consulting

Anna Ritchey is our favorite technical guru for sampling and data processing. An expert market researcher, she has more than 22 years of experience managing large-scale quantitative research projects for public and private sector clients. Anna often contributes her expertise in mixed-mode data collection, sampling, and quality control to NWRG projects.

Issues & Answers

Issues & Answers is a global market research firm and certified SWaM business (small business category) based in Virginia Beach, VA. Since our founding in 1988, our company has provided high quality research support and measurement for major clients, both in the public and private sectors, throughout the U.S. and abroad. Issues & Answers specializes in computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI), web surveys, direct mail surveys, focus groups and IDIs for government agencies, academic institutions, major utilities and the healthcare, packaged goods, financial and insurance industries.

Issues & Answers was NWRG’s data collection partner for Idaho Department of Environmental Quality's Fish Consumption Survey.