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Always expected to “do more with less,” government agencies, regulated industries, and not-for-profits have experienced severe budget cuts, even as service demands increase. Meanwhile, the public is demanding greater accountability for expenditures and a need to demonstrate a tangible return on investment.

Northwest Research Group is a recognized leader in designing and implementing research solutions that build bridges between decision-makers and the publics they represent and serve. We support decision-makers in the following areas:

  • Representing the voice of local, county, state, and federal government constituencies on how to best allocate scarce resources, meet expectations for key services, and support services for community members with special needs
  • Working with transportation agencies to provide insights in how to keep people and our economy on the move, build goodwill and support for transportation solutions, and motivate people to use alternative modes
  • Understanding how external influences, personal attitudes and motivations, and different programs influence personal decisions about the environment and energy


We help transit agencies build support for and develop programs that increase the use of alternative modes of transportation that are good for the environment and local communities.

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Environment and Energy

We develop research programs to evaluate innovative programs and services that support long-term environmental sustainability and reliable energy.

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