Environment and Energy

For a Better World

Environment, Energy, and Regulated Utilities

Economic vitality and social well-being depend upon on the development of public policies and programs that support long term environmental sustainability and the availability of affordable, safe, and reliable energy. In today’s world, the ways in which we interact with the environment and how we consume energy are changing. Rigorous, public, and impartial research is needed to better understand consumer behaviors, attitudes, and motivations to move innovations in the energy and environmental sectors from concept to market adoption and acceptance.

NWRG has worked with leading companies and agencies to develop and evaluate innovative programs that contribute to a better world. For example, NWRG worked with Seattle Public Utilities on a number of research programs to design and evaluate one of the first citywide recycling programs in the United States. We have also developed unique models to measure consumer willingness to pay for infrastructure improvements or new programs.